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How We Got Started - In September of 2006, a group of highly motivated private practice registered counselors began meeting and organizing, in order to respond to the proposed legislation on the Registered Counselor credential. On January 15, 2007 the group incorporated as the Washington Professional Counselors AssociationTM (WAPROCA).

Private Practice Registered Counselors Organize and Take Action - We hired a lobbyist, and our members were in Olympia all through the 2007 legislative session, talking with legislators and testifying before the House Health and Wellness Committee, the House Appropriations Committee, and the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee. At the same time, we were focused on reaching out to other Registered Counselors in Washington State.

     • We succeeded in stopping the legislation that would have put all private practice Registered
       Counselors out of business.

     • Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated people, these bills were no longer a shoe-in.

     • A compromise bill was drafted and registered counselors in private practice were beginning to be
       taken into consideration in this process. However, Senate Health Bill (SHB) 1993 was still seriously
       flawed, and it was essential to keep asking legislators to kill the bill during that session, and to 
 WAPROCA to work with them in the interim session - to create legislation that would serve to
       protect the public and allow professional counselors the right to continue in private practice.

     • We continue our work to create good legislation in upcoming and related sessions.

Your supporting membership will continue the growth in this professional community, and help to make us even more effective in our outreach and lobbying efforts.

We need your help and welcome your participation in this rapidly growing professional community.

Please learn more about becoming a
member of WAPROCA by clicking HERE.


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