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Business advisers offer a platform of knowledge, share information, and typically provide advice on many legal or financial issues. They may also assist with strategic decisions, which are important for any business to be successful. We further believe that the best advisers are those who are creative thinkers and passionate about what they do.

Are you a creative thinker and passionate about what you do?

The Washington Professional Counselors Association (WAPROCA) is seeking interested and motivated individuals, who are creative thinkers and passionate about the work that they do, to join our Member Advisory Team. This team will assist the Board of Directors in evaluating new ideas, discuss new opportunities for the organization, and provide feedback for our continued success.

The Member Advisory Team will be called upon as a group, or individually, in many aspects of the association. We believe that providing feedback, sharing knowledge, and giving advice is both critical and beneficial to reaching our objectives. Member Advisory Team members can be located anywhere within Washington State. We will use whatever communication mechanism is most beneficial for the task or discussion at-hand.

Are you currently a member of WAPROCA?

Are you interested in being considered for the Member Advisory Team?

If you are interested to hear more about the Member Advisory Team, please send an email to    (email link not active, to reduce spam)

* This opportunity is open to all Professional, Sr. Professional, Associate, and Student members of WAPROCA.

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