DOH adds Certified Counselor and Certified Adviser to Online Renewal.

25 Feb 2013 12:15 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)

(from the Dept. of Health notification)

Renew Online --

You will not be able to renew online if:

  • Your credential has already expired.
  • You are currently in any other status such as military, inactive, or retired.
  • You want to change your status from active to military, inactive, or retired.
  • You have an address change.
  • You have a name change.

Please contact our Customer Service Office at 360.236.4700 for assistance.

Is your contact information current?

We must have your current mailing address in our system for you to renew online. We mail your updated credential to the address on file. The United States Postal Service will not send your credential to a forwarding address.

If your contact information is not current in our system, please complete and submit the
address change form. Please include a valid email address. Contact us prior to online renewal to make sure your contact information has been updated.

NOTE:  There is a $2.00 convenience fee.

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