UPDATE: Workshop for Stakeholders on scope of practice for Certified Counselors/Advisers

19 Jul 2016 11:40 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)



The initial Stakeholders Meeting was held on Thursday, 7/14/16, to review and discuss potential changes to the scope of practice for Certified Counselors and Certified Advisers.

The Washington Professional Counselors Association (WAPROCA) prepared a background statement to assist in the conversation, and followed up with a proposed recommendation - that no changes are required to the current law (RCW 18.19.200).

In an email update to those subscribed to the mental health related listservs, the WA State Department of Health states that they "...will not be proposing legislation for 2017 to update the scope of practice for certified counselors and certified advisers. Therefore, the second workshop for stakeholders has been cancelled."

Questions may be directed to WAPROCA (contact@waproca.org or (206) 289-0874), or to Kim-Boi Shadduck, Program Manager at the WA State Department of Health (kimboi.shadduck@doh.wa.gov or (360) 236-2912).

Active WAPROCA members may request a copy of both the background statement and proposed recommendation by emailing contact@waproca.org.

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