Fee Analysis & Increase Proposal: Certified Counselors and Certified Advisers

16 Dec 2020 12:47 AM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)

The Department of Health (department) filed a CR-101 on December 11, 2019 (WSR 20-01-072) to open the sections of Washington Administrative Code setting fees for the following four professions: ocularists, certified counselors, certified advisors, and nursing home administrators. 

The department opened these rules to consider fee increases for these professions due to projected budget deficits for the authorities that license these professions. These fee increases are necessary to meet the requirement, in law, for all health professions to be self-supporting. This includes preventing and correcting budget deficits, and maintaining reserves to cover unexpected program costs.

The Department of Health is hosting a "Fee Rulemaking Workshop" for certified counselors, certified advisers, and stakeholders on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. Details were sent to the GovDelivery listserv, and being forwarded to association members and newsletter subscribers.

The association will be in attending as a stakeholder.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at contact<at>waproca.org to ensure that you are represented.

As a reminder: State law, RCW 43.70.250 (License fees for professions, occupations, and businesses), requires that a profession be fully self-supporting, and that sufficient revenue be collected through fees to fund expenditures. The department requires a fee increase to recover the cost of regulating certified counselors and certified advisers.

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