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  • 26 Sep 2013 8:33 AM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    We have upgraded our phone system, and have a new direct-dial phone number. Reach someone directly, or leave a voicemail for a return phone call.

    (206) 289-0874
  • 26 Sep 2013 8:24 AM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    This weekend, Sept. 28th (8am-3:30pm), attend the 17th annual Washington Small Business Fair at Renton Technical College. Learn from the experts how to form and run a successful business. This includes getting a start on setting up your private practice. It's FREE to attend!

  • 15 Jul 2013 1:22 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)

    This is a question that has come up more than a few times over the past month, providing the perfect opportunity for a FAQ post.  This explanation, from the internet, provides the most accurate and simplistic answer.

    You frequently see the word or phrase healthcare and health care but are unsure whether they are the same. Many people use them to mean the same thing but they are fundamentally different.

    Health care as two words refers to what happens to a patient. Often, health care is a passive event: the provider kicks off and the patient receives. But health care should be more like the full football analogy: after the Provider team kicks off, the Patient team runs with the ball. Health care should be an interactive event: both sides do something. Passive or interactive, health care as two words refers to actions by people who work in healthcare and by patients.

    Healthcare as one word refers to a system or systems to offer, provide, and deliver health care (two words). Thus, the USA has a healthcare system. In Great Britain, they call it the NHS (National Health Service). The thing that doesn’t work well for anyone; that costs too much; has frequent errors; and too few providers, that is called healthcare.

    Health care – two words – refers to provider actions.
    Healthcare – one word – is a system.
    We need the second in order to have the first.

    (Source: Dr. J. Deane Waldman, MD.)

  • 15 Jul 2013 1:12 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    [WA State Department of Health - Update Notification]
    The Washington State Department of Health (department) has officially adopted the updated rule on allowable fees health care providers may charge for searching and duplicating health care records under WAC 246-08-400.  The rule was adopted and filed by the department following a public hearing held on June 5,2013, in Tumwater, Washington. The rule was filed with the Code Reviser’s Office on July 1, 2013 (WSR #13-14-092).  The updated rule language is attached. 

    The updated fees are as follows:

    ·         No more than $1.09 per page for the first 30 pages

    ·         No more than .82 per page for all additional pages

    ·         A $24 clerical fee may be charged for searching and handling records

    There were no comments received in regard to this rule change.
  • 26 Jun 2013 11:24 AM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    Good afternoon,

    Please join me in congratulating these individuals on their recent appointment to the Certified Counselors, Certified Advisers, and Registered Hypnotherapists Advisory Committee.
    • Miriam Dyak, Certified Counselor
    • Diane Green, Certified Counselor
    • Janet Large, Hypnotherapist
    • Mary Long, Hypnotherapist
    • William Gant, Public Member
    As founding committee members they will set the tone for dedication, diligence, and focus toward pursuing the highest level of professional standards for these credentials.  We are honored to be working with each of them.  Congratulations!


    Tim Livingston
    WA Professional Counselors Association.

  • 24 Jun 2013 1:23 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    Many questions have come in about the DSM-5 dropping Axis V (Global Assessment of Functioning, known as GAF), asking how it will impact Certified Counselors and Certified Advisers.

    In short, it will not impact Certified Counselors and Certified Counselors.  

    WAC 246-810-0201 and WAC 246-810-021 clearly state:

    "Appropriate screening of the client's level of functional impairment using the global assessment of functioning as described in the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders."

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email or give us a call.  or (206) 376-0874
  • 19 Apr 2013 11:08 AM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    WAC 246-08-400 identifies the maximum amounts health care providers may charge for searching and duplicating medical records. RCW 70.02.010(15) requires the Department of Health to adjust these amounts every two years according to the change in the Consumer Price Index.

    A public hearing will be held June 5, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. at the Department of Health, 111 Israel Road SE, Room 158, Tumwater, Washington, 98501.

    A copy of the proposed rule change can be found by clicking here.
  • 16 Apr 2013 2:12 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    OLYMPIA - Washington’s new Secretary of Health John Wiesman, DrPH, takes over leadership today of the state Department of Health. Wiesman is Washington’s first new health secretary in nearly 15 years. Governor Jay Inslee announced his appointment last month.

  • 09 Apr 2013 3:40 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)
    Agency Affiliated Counselors may now apply online! 

    CLICK HERE for additional information.
  • 14 Mar 2013 4:32 PM | Tim Livingston (Administrator)

    Certified Counselors and Hypnotherapy Advisory Committee

    The WA State Department of Health is recruiting for the Certified Counselors and Hypnotherapy Advisory Committee.

    Are you a Registered Hypnotherapist?  We need your help!

    This Advisory Committee consists of seven members. There are two certified counselors or certified advisers, two hypnotherapists and three public members that must be consumers and represent the public at large and may not hold any mental health provider credential. RCW 18.19.220.

    We are hoping to have five (5) additional applicants apply, who are active Registered Hypnotherapists, to serve on the Advisory Committee.  All applicants will be considered for the two hypnotherapist positions on the committee.  They will serve in an active capacity, to engage in the important conversations related to their profession.  In this role, they will also assist in shaping the present and future of all three credentials, and so much more.

    All members are appointed by the Department of Health Secretary. Each member of the committee must be a resident of Washington State. Professional members must have been actively engaged in their profession for five years preceding appointment. Appointments are for a term of three years. No one may serve for more than two consecutive terms.

    If you or someone you know is interested in applying for appointment, complete the application for Board, Commission, Committee appointments.

    Please contact us with questions.  or by calling (206) 376-0874.

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